Network Distributing Launches time travel streaming service - NetworkOnAir

A new streaming service called networkonair available now via The new service offers TV fans a unique nostalgic experience where TV meets streaming with a selection of time travel ‘Nights In’. Networkonair, available from July 29th in the UK and Ireland, enables nostalgia lovers, old and new, the opportunity to rent specially curated Nights In and collected series from ABC Television, which broadcast in the Midlands and Northern England between 1956 and 1968. Many of these programmes have not been seen since their original broadcast.

Nights In consist of 4-6 hours of exclusively curated programming, including specially recorded new linking material from David Hamilton (original ABC continuity announcer and host), clips and contemporary ads. Nights In are entirely remastered in the best possible quality. Platform viewers will enjoy a truly vintage viewing experience, it is time travel TV!

These Nights In will be made available alongside accompanying series to launch the service. Titles include Dial 999, Big Night Out, Armchair Theatre and The Bruce Forsyth Show. On top of this, various special documentaries can be found including one on Michael Caine available exclusively via the second night in episode.

The first Night In, titled ‘Welcome once again to Manchester’ includes: Here’s David Nixon – Episode 1 Dial 999: The Great Gold Robbery Opportunity Knocks (originally broadcast 31st July 1965) Big Night Out (originally broadcast 6th July 1963) The ABC of ABC: The channel’s 10-year anniversary special, (unseen since 1966) Armchair Theatre: A Very Fine Line Surprise Bonus Show.

Nights In, which includes 4-6hrs of programming presented as an evening of television are priced at £3.99 for the first three, with future Nights In at £4.99. People can also rent handpicked collections of episodes from their favourite series for £6.99 including over 9 hours of golden TV nostalgic viewing.

On top of this, users will have 28 days to watch the content from purchase. The content itself is available for a limited time only on the platform.

With their new on-demand service, Network literally goes ON AIR.



ScreenHits Limited is delighted to announce the launch of its new app, ScreenHits TV, allowing consumers to manage all their streaming subscriptions, AVOD and Live Channels in one easy to use app. Consumers can now easily see what is trending, share recommendations with friends and manage their favourite content across ALL their subscriptions and content channels, in a simple, easy to use traditional EPG (TV Guide) with key cost saving benefits.

The new ScreenHits TV app will allow existing subscribers to the leading streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Starz, HBO Streaming Services, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, BFI Player, MUBI, The Criterion Channel, Eurosport, HayU, Shudder, Kidoodle the ability to integrate their existing streaming platforms for FREE and watch Live premium TV channels and 1000s of shows and films with plans starting as low as £1.99/month. However, the first 100,000 users who register their interest by 30th May will receive a FREE annual subscription of their choice with one of ScreenHits’ content partners. Consumers will also be able to bundle and save more than 25% with some of the leading premium OTT streaming platforms. The new app provides consumers with increased transparency and control over how they manage their subscriptions all in one place.

Streaming services are growing in both popularity and in number this service is a welcome addition as a means of organisation as well as offering some incredible price plans. 

CEO of ScreenHits TV, Rose Adkins Hulse said: “With hundreds of streaming services available, the consumer has too much choice and often gets lost in the vast array of content, creating subscription fatigue and content overload. The new app helps to streamline the viewing experience and unlike traditional cable solutions, customers can curate their channels and subscriptions, thus only paying for channels they actually want to watch versus contributing monthly to the channels they never watch.”

ScreenHits TV, which launched in 2012 has worked with some of the world's leading studios and distribution / production companies to include Warner Media, eOne, Hasbro, IMG, BBC Worldwide and NBC Universal, to name a few.

The ScreenHits TV app launching end of May 2020 in selected territories will be available on Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple Store, Google Chrome, Android and desktop.

Sky Comedy 'Code 404' is the entertainment we need right now

DI John Major had it all. He was one of the best coppers in the country, with a glittering career in the Special Investigations Unit where he served along with his partner and best mate DI Roy Carver, but when a mission goes wrong Major is shot and killed in the line of duty. But Carver, grieving for his lost partner and friend, finds his world turned upside down when Major is brought back to life thanks to an experimental AI project.

A brand new Sky original comedy 'Code 404' is a character driven buddy comedy that is entertaining and has a very cinematic like feel to it. Set in the near future is uses the ideals of articficial intelligence and mixes it with the backbone of a 90s style buddy cop comedy. With a slick and stylish story the film blends a futuristic tale with the landscape of an english city and a gritty cop narrative. 

'Code 404' biggest strength is its two leads Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays who have undeniable chemistry and really drive the story. The pair together are pure entertainment funny but at the same time they look to be having the time of their lives in these roles. Mays in particular shines with his off the cuff natural comedic talents but also gives a very emotional showing too. Graham is as reliable as always and often feels like the straight laced side of the team as well as the moral anchor for Mays character. Anna Maxwell Martin gives one of her best performances to date as the unfortunate third side to a very complicated love triangle as the wife of Major (Mays) and lover to Carver (Graham) after she lost her husband. Martin works as the emotional edge to the story creating conflict for both Mays and Graham but at the same time giving the futuristic element a more grounded and real believeability. 

With a smart concept 'Code 404' is a unique twist on a tried and tested story. It is a well written show that does often feel improved which just adds to the character of the shows overall appeal. The city setting offers up a gritty cop feel to the story which adds to a suprisingly intense overall narrative. 

'Code 404' is the entertainment we need right now. Mays and Graham are a force to be reckoned with and are the comedy duo we never knew we needed. Think an english version of 'Rush Hour' but with a sprinkle of AI thrown in and you are half way to understanding and appreciating this superb show.

Ricky Gervais 'Afterlife' season 2 streaming now on Netflix

Ricky Gervais first seaon of his acclaimed hit was a hit with both critics and audeiences with its almost seamless blend of comedy and drama. Gervais is known for being edgy and pushing the boundaries with his comedy and his characters but from the start 'Afterlife' feels different. It feels like a more personal piece for the comedian.

'Afterlife' follows Tony (Ricky Gervais) who after his wife's (Kerry Godliman) death re-evaluates his whole outlook on life and begins a hardened devel may care attitude no matter what the concequences. Season 2 finds Tony still struggling with his everyday life but his with a slow growing empathy for the people whos help he had once spurned. Sprinkled throughout the the story is again the videos of Tony's and times they had before she had died as well as some messages she left him for after she had died.These videos are so emotionally grounding and feel so real as Godliman's portrayal, which is a little under appreciated, is so emotionally driven but always with a smile.

Gervais is outstanding and his character is so relatable. Often Gervais does not get the credit and praise he deserves as an actor. Within all his roles there has been a very emotional core from David Brents drive for fame to the heart breaking Andy Millman breakdown in the big brother house for 'Extras' but 'Afterlife' has a darker more demanding tone. Gervais almost down plays the role but this allows the emotion to come through stronger. The film is filled with  characters and performances that have you believing in each ones own journey, Joe Wilkinson and Roisin Conarty will really have audiences attention with their colourful but charming roles. Reprising her role from season 1 Penelope Wilton acts almost like a guardian angel to Tony as cleverly her appearences are almost perfectly timed for when he is down or looking for guidance.

One beautiful element to the show is the music. It is understated but effective enhancing emotional scenes giving them depth. The small town setting offers a large range of characters which the show uses well with season 2 offering some new faces for the local newspaper and Tony to cover like a man who posts his letters but they never reach where they should, is that a letter box he posted them in?

'Afterlife' season 1 and 2 is Gervais most accomplished work to date it marks the first time he has really pushed him self as an actor and in more ways as a writer. The show is heartbreaking but uplifting and Gervais balances the tone perfectly giving you an almost one two punch through each episode. It is easily one of the best shows of the last decade and will make you cherish life and especially the special person you have in it.