All projects at varying stages of development


BLACKOUT phase 1-3 (horror):  "From the shadows of the shadows she watches. Her hand touches with the pitch of night. With you she shares her bleeding heart. With the fall of darkness her reign begins.".

Blackston Valley is a small town with a dark gory past. For years it has been at the mercy of mysterious blackouts each one created a high number of bloody deaths.

The town has become something of a ground zero for suspicious deaths and disappearences which has created a whirlwind of conspiracy theories.

As best friends Sean and Evan arrive in town, their hopes are high for a fun filled time to forget their regular lives. But after a chance meeting with a mysterious girl everything changes and darkness begins to descend again.

The blackout this time is different almost more insidious and it draws into action the army team based on the outskirts of town. As the darkness grows deeper fear grips the town.


SARAH ARDEN (horror): Prequel to Blackout. Blackston Valley 1641, a town beseiged by evil and accusations of witchcraft.

Darkness begins to fall over the town with the arrival of a group of gypsies and with them a young girl called Darcy.


TRACES OF LIFE (thriller): Evan Bailey walks into a Police station to confess his crimes, he is a killer and has killed more than twenty people. His confession slowly unravels a web of deciept and lies and puts him and a reluctant Detective on a path to a man who has never been seen.


BEHIND THE SMILE (dark comedy): After the death of his five year old son to cancer and the eventual break up of his marriage comedian Arnold Randall sets out on his first tour after his two year self imposed sabatical.

But as the days pass his inner demons begin to slowly creep in again. 


 All projects at varying stages of development

A DROP IN THE OCEAN (dark comedy): After a six month stint in a drug rehab clinic Matt returns home to find so much has changed. His Mum and Dad have split and as he struggles to come to terms with it his addiction rears its ugly head again and when his dead brother pays him a visit a Matt realizes he may have taken one hit too many.


DO THAT DANCE (romantic/comedy): Oliver is an unlucky in love twenty five year old who finds solace in the old school films of Hollywood. As he yearns to speak to attractive women he instead falls into a fantasy world inspired by the likes of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire everytime he sees one.


IT COULD BE YOU (comedy): We all have money struggles but when Andy goes to his bank and finds over two million pounds has appeared from nowhere he thinks his luck is in. But as an array of odd characters from a dog loving german to a russian cross dressing football loving hitman begin to appear around him, Andy soon realizes the money might not be the good luck he thought it was.


ON GODS RIGHT HAND (horror/thriller): Northern England 1943, child murdering serial killer John Pittman recounts his victims and speaks of an unseen force creating the darkness inside him.




All projects at varying stages of development


MARY SHELLEY- 4 episodes / 45 minutes (biopic): A story of love, loss and revelation as a series of events lead Mary Shelley to a weekend that would change her life forever and see the birth of Frankenstein.

1 Birth of the modern prometheus

2 Act of God

3 Seeing man

4 Playing God